Spfx & Bloodwork

I create a variety of Special effects. Like wound applications, body parts and  blood effects.

A early blood test as preperation for the real one you see below.

Prepping the actor for a slit throat effect with a silicone neck prostetic with rigged blood tubes, matching her skin tones and overall bruising. 

Happy actress before the death scene.


Wounds before applying blood

Puncture wounds and burn effect

Wounds on a wrist after a struggle with tight handcuffs for Vincent Bahar's music video
"I give up"

Some healed scars and age makeup

I love to create Bodyparts

A fot I created for a close up surgery scene, filled with fat and muscle tissue ready to be cut open.

Testing the flexibility and rod control before and after painting

Silicone prostetic application, hair and makeup by me for the strange little short film "Joe Odd" that sadly never was finished

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