Stopmotion Animation

I create stopmotion animation from start to finish. Its a very time consuming process. From the first sketches of an idea to a full script, storyboard and shooting details to designing the characters and scenography. Sculpting, molding and creating the poseable puppets, rigs to make them fly, jump and everything in between. Building, sculpting, painting the scenography and all the required miniature props to make a believable world for the story. Lighting the scene, animating the puppets and postproduction suck as color grading and rig removal.    

Down below you can see behind the scenes of creating stop motion animation from sketch, characters and setbuilding to final animation.

Character design of stopmotion puppets


The process of making poseable armatures for stopmotion puppets

Building a wire armature

Sculpting Timelapse

The process of creating a stopmotion puppet. Sculpting, moldmaking, fabrication and painting

Set building and miniature props

Rigging a scene

Animating in Dragonframe, frame by frame.